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Thames Tales

Swiftstone is all about the heritage of the Thames as a working river - much of that heritage is held in the memories of the men who spent their working lives in the many different trades which were essential when the river flourished and trade with the world came through London via the docks and wharves rather than the roads and airports.

Capturing those memories for present and future generations is one of our most important tasks and this is where you will be able to share them. We started this unique section of our site with the first installment of Ron Drake's story... we are hugely indebited to Ron (now living in Australia) for putting his memories down in writing for us - and we hope that it will inspire others with Thames Tales to do like wise.

Bob Jeffries has risen to this challenge and we are very pleased to add the first part of his story Tales of a Thames Copper to the site.

Please contact Lorna if you have memories of the Thames, we'd love to hear them

Ron Drake's On the Water

Bob Jeffries' Tales of a Thames Copper


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