24th - 30th May --- Oostende Vor Anker

Swiftstone will be attending this event!
9th July --- Thames Barge Driving Race

Swiftstone will be attending this event!
23rd - 25th July --- Whitstable Oyster Festival

Swiftstone will be attending this event!

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July 2013

Swiftstone attended and won best dressed tug!


July 2012

Swiftstone attended


JUNE 26th 2010

Swiftstone will be out on the river. (first event we have attended this year)


Sorry, big chunk of our event history missing here. Watch this space, I will try and recover the event data and put it in here. (Alan B, 2010)



Swiftstone is proud to be participating in this unique event...

Siren Space by David Toop
River Thames between Waterloo Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge
9.30 - 10.00 Sunday 15 September

very loud music for sound system and tug horns

Siren Space is a musical composition designed to transform a space between two bridges and two river banks with electronic and live acoustic sound. The focal point of this audio work is the tug boat. Tug boats are central to the mythology of the Thames - their small size belied by strength and skill. In the organic flow of traditional river life they are the equivalent of the vitally important smaller fish that swim with marine mammals and sharks. The familiar space, a poetic cry from a species threatened with extinction by the economic development of the city. Siren Space extends this metaphor of marine and riverbank wildlife to the creation of a temporary subtropical soundscape. The air will come alive with the cries of unfamiliar and impossible creatures, all exchanging cryptic messages within their territory. Mid-river, legendary saxophonist Lol Coxhill will converse with the tugboats that gather there, while from the riverbank, the air will be saturated with the sounds and percussive rhythms of exotic, electronically generated life. Documents of human life break through this dream-like atmosphere from time to time, as the reminiscences of veteran watermen and tug boat skippers remind listeners of the rich vernacular history of their river. Siren Space has been composed and recorded by David Toop for The Mayor's Thames Festival 2002. David Toop is a musician, composer, writer, musicologist and sound curator. He has released six solo albums and curated five compilations (on Virgin Records). In 1998 he composed the soundtrack for the outdoor spectacular that closed every night of the Lisbon Expo. In 2000, he curated Sonic Boom, the UK's largest ever exhibition of sound art, displayed at the Hayward Gallery.



Summer 2001

...if the events listed aren't enough to use up your energy get in touch and find out about restoration work on The Swiftstone...

Tuesday 24th July - the 287th Annual Doggett's Coat & Badge race.
For more information about this historic competition contact Watermans' Hall on 020 7283 2373

Saturday/Sunday 4th & 5th August Sponsored Barge Driving - to aid the Dreadnought Unit at St. Thomas' Hospital
Saturday 4th - Greenwich to Erith, crews assemble 2.00pm Greenwich Pier
Sunday 5th - Erith to Gravesend, crews assemble Erith Causeway 3.00pm

Here's your chance to have a go yourself...
"TOW invite you to take part in a sponsored barge row, a charity event in aid of the Dreadnought Unit at St Thomas' Hospital. .. you can row for as long or as short a time as you wish on either or both days. Each barge will have on board at least 2 Freemen at all times. Accompanying the barges will be a flotilla of tugs and launches to facilitate changes of crews, refreshments etc. and to ensure an enjoyable day on the river"
The Swiftstone will be one of the accompanying tugs at this event.
If you would like to row or would like to sponsor a friend, colleague or other rowers contact TOW on 020 7476 2424 or Bill Smith on 01474 832 913

12th August - Lower Thames Barge Race
Crews assemble 2.30pm at Royal Terrace Pier or Tilbury Landing Stage. Race starts at Higham Buoy 3.00pm - finishing at New Bridge Causeway around 4.30pm

1st & 2nd September
8th & 9th September - Apprentices rowing weekends
- Cambridge.
Contact George Saunders at Waterman's Hall 020 7283 2373

22nd September - Great River Race,
Richmond to Greenwich. For more info contact Waterman's Hall above.



Events on the Tidal Thames Summer 2000

As soon as all the paperwork is finished we'll be getting on with work on Swiftstone so that she can play a full part in events on the river - if you'd like more information or would like to be involved click here or get in touch. Meanwhile, there will be a list of events posted here...

Saturday 19th & Sun 20th August

'Shrimpies' Regatta (Gravesend Regatta)... barges racing at 3pm Sunday and other activites all weekend.
(The Swiftstone will aim to attend both these events next year as a safety vessel and to raise the profile of the Trust.

Weekend of 12th & 13th August

Sponsored Barge Driving (rowing) Greenwich to Erith and from Erith to Gravesend (Sunday 13th August). To raise funds for the The Dreadnought Hospital Greenwich.
Members of the public will be able to take part and actually row one of these barges under the supervision of Licensed Watermen

June 17th - at The Annual Barge Driving Race from Greenwich to Westminster

Every year dozens of brave (mad!) chaps race 30 ton barges 'between the Palaces of Greenwich and Westminster'. What makes this really incredible is that they propel them in the traditional manner 'rowed under oars'. 3 man teams row these barges with 30foot oars which sometimes snap under the pressure. It's an amazing sight and can be viewed from many vantage points along the river during the afternoon.
At the end of the race at Westminster the exhausted teams are towed back to Greenwich by Thames tugs. 'Swifty' will be there next year to carry the race officials along the length of the course.
click here to see how it's been going on for years!

June - Probably the last ever Dunkirk Little Ships crossing of the Channel.

This incredible event celebrates the contribution made by civilian boat owners to the Liberation of Europe from the Nazi's as they crossed the Channel in tiny ill-equipped pleasure craft at their own risk to evacuate the battered remnants of the British Army from the beaches of Dunkirk. Many of these fragile little boats have re-made the crossing over the years.

Our 'sister' vessel the Massey Shaw joined with other Thames Tugs in a 'guard of honour' to see the Little Ships on their way in style. She crossed the channel and returned as a support boat... you won't see her in the video clips though - she was carrying the camera crews!! (click here for more information about the Massey Shaw)

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