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About The Swiftstone Trust...

To start with the formal stuff...The Swiftstone Trust is a charity registered in England & Wales.
Our Charitable Objects are:The Company is Established to advance the education of the public in the Industrial History and Usage of the River Thames.
The Company was formed and registered during 2000.

Now on to the interesting stuff...

We are a remarkable assortment of people from all imaginable walks of life - lifelong rivermen - some Freemen of the River Thames, business people, retired people, firefighters, artists, musicians, architects & planners... we all have in common a love of the working Thames her History and her Future

We will own, preserve and operate the Thames Tug 'The Swiftstone' as a symbol of the heritage of the Thames and aims of the organisation. We are grateful to Cory Environmental for the donation of this unique vessel.

We will seek to inform and educate people today about the heritage and environment of the river Thames and the people who work on it.

The Swiftstone Trust will look to the future by promoting greater understanding of the Thames' history as a major route for passenger & commercial traffic and the lessons this may have for the future of the capitol.

We will develop activities and projects which further our aims and broaden awareness of the Thames, its history and potential (check the UPDATES page for news).

Swiftstone exists entirely without statutory funding by the support of its Founding Friends and other supporters.

We are currently seeking permanent morrings and premises for both The Swiftstone and the Educational resource we are developing - a collection of unique objects, photos & documents illuminating the working heritage of the Thames.

If you would like to support us or get involved in our activities click here or mail us at

For further details please contact Lorna Barter

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The Swiftstone Trust is a Registered Charity no.1083837

Swiftstone works closely with the Massey Shaw Marine Vessels Preservation Trust

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